River Flat Ranch
Missouri Fox Trotters
Here at the River Flat Ranch we specialize in the Missouri Fox Trotter horse. A few
mares that are Blue Papered and Foundation registered, with a world class stallion
Cotton-Eyed Joe Y  
We breed for old time foundation style fox trotting horses. We concentrate on trail
riding horses, although our stock are of show ring quality.
Foundation Fox Trotting style!
Joe Has a V Factor of V-41
*He is registered MFTHBA and FFHA and PSHR*
***Homozygous Cremello Fox Trotter Stallion***
*Double dilute stallion that produces Buckskins, Palominos, and other dilute colors*
*100% Palomino foals if bred to Chestnut or Sorrel mares*
*World Class Bloodlines including the strong foundation breeding of
Golden Governor
*Joe has over a 150 offspring, Don't miss out on this Great Horse*
*Joe's maternal sister Traveling Rawhide Gold is the 2008 Open Versatility Reserve World Grand Champion*
*Traveling Rawhide Gold Open Versatility World Grand Champion 2009 and many more*
*Joe' s maternal brother Missouri Governor is the 2008 Open Senior Stallion and Gelding Model WGC*
* Joe's Grandson The Ivory Fox is standing in Germany*
*Excellent confirmation, beautiful head and neck, stands 15.2hh*
*Natural Fox Trot with Reach and Rhythm*
*Quiet Willing Disposition*
*Live Foal Guarantee*
*Live Cover & Fresh Cooled Shipped Semen*
*Breeding Fee Live Cover $350, if AI breeding additional $325, mare care $5/day*
Or you can purchase him, give us a call 989-435-9224
*Cremello General Information*
*Cremello is double dilution of color NOT absence of color (albino)*
Cremello is the product of two copies of the creme dilution gene*
*When bred to Chestnuts/Sorrels, Bays, and Blacks, one cream gene is passed onto the
foal resulting in Palominos, Buckskins, Smoky Black and other dilute colors.*

*For more information on equine color genetics*
We are breeding to try and preserve the foundation old time fox trotting style of horses. The V-Factor
information helps as a tool to do this.
Please try the link below for FFHA information
Foxtrotter Foundation Heritage Assoc.
Here is a lot more information on the Missouri Fox Trotter breed
Chuck Fanslow
Gladwin, MI
Annies Royal Jurne DT
Our newsest Foundation Stallion
Just a kid at 3 years
$250 stud fee